Welcome! Life is beautiful, right? Well, yeah, but it can also be f*cking hard! Especially in these unpredictable times of Corona Craziness, a lot of us are struggling to stay positive. Here I have gathered a few tips and tools to help boost your mood and mental wellbeing. These little activities are simple, but effective and can be used when in self-isolation or at anytime when you need a bit of positivity in your life.

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Sabrina Spellman does it, Samantha did it, Harry Potter and his peeps did it. Why not you? Make your own protection spell! Life is not always easy, but some people are able to bounce back from bad experiences with little collateral damage, while others wallow in negativity for ions. The key to it all is building a cloak of protection and strength, thereby gaining resiliency. Here I take you through a guided mediation to help you find your own inner strength to battle off every day bad shit. Repeat frequently and soon you will find all negative comments, mishaps, and experiences simply sliding by, without getting their claws in you.

Be well. Be strong.



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