Welcome! Life is beautiful, right? Well, yeah, but it can also be f*cking hard! Especially in these unpredictable times of Corona Craziness, a lot of us are struggling to stay positive. Here I have gathered a few tips and tools to help boost your mood and mental wellbeing. These little activities are simple, but effective and can be used when in self-isolation or at anytime when you need a bit of positivity in your life.

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Outward focused meditations are those that aim at opening our hearts and kindness to others: loved ones, acquaintances, and all creature on Earth. This might sound a little esoteric to some, but practicing the same openness and gentleness we have been turning toward ourselves in the past weeks meditations, in our relationship with others can bring us a level of fulfillment and happiness that inward facing attention will never achieve.

Be curious. Be open. Have fun.

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